Alex Baia

Writer and Marketer in Austin, Texas

Alex Baia

Writer and Marketer in Austin, Texas

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My work is one part psychology, one part data, one part relentless marginal improvement. Season, sauté, and serve with a side of carrots.

My specialties are Facebook ads and conversion copywriting. My clients are awesome! I've built campaigns with Kion, Ben Greenfield Fitness, Abel James, ARX Fit, Tellason, Paleo f(x), and other cool cats.


I'm on McSweeney's.

And check out my humor site, Hyoom, where I write and interview other writers.


Our Open Plan Office Failed, so We're Moving to a Towering Panopticon (McSweeney's)

Return Policies of Various Academic Philosophies (McSweeney's)

I Am a Vaguely Spiritual Guy and This Is My TED Talk (Hyoom)

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